Meet Kryea

We’d like to introduce our dream project- an online jewelry brand that has an effortlessly, classic feel.

We offer the perfect balance of modern & trendy styles with affordability for all. It’s everything we love about a jewelry line that we think you’d love, too.

We wanted to be a middle ground for all jewelry lovers, so we created KRYEA.



PVD plated stainless steel is a vacuum coating process that produces a strong durable gold coating on a metal base. This allows metal to be non-tarnish and will not oxides.  PVD coatings possess a far higher resistance to wear than traditional gold plating. Affordable with quality.


Sterling silver is a great option for investing in pieces with higher value. It has a classic finish that looks great when polished.


Zinc metal alloys for fashion jewelry. Great for trying out fashion trends on a budget.

Our goal is to have the flexibility of luxurious and affordable pieces. Whether you are the type of person to just want to wear jewelry for fun or someone who is looking for timeless pieces with great quality- this is the brand where you'll find both. 

The meaning behind "kryea"

We named this brand because we are always inspired to create beautiful things. "Crea" comes from the root-word for "Creare" in the Latin language, meaning "Create" .

We just spelled it differently ;)
"CREA" ------> "KRYEA"

Follow us on our journey! We are an aspiring small jewelry brand hoping to build our community ♡