We coat all our jewelry with ProtectaClear® to keep it from tarnishing, fading and oxidation. 

ProtectaClear® is used by many jewelry artists and manufacturers to preserve the quality and make sure that your jewelry can be enjoyed hassle free. (It is NOT a lacquer that will darken or yellow)

Some jewelry metals can cause skin allergies depending on the metal used. Humidity can also cause oxidation, and may make the jewelry metal give a tarnished appearance because of the temperature conditions. With ProtectaClear®, it provides an invisible protective coating that makes the metal more durable and safe to wear. The coating makes the jewelry hypoallergenic, thus help prevent any allergic reactions to metals. 

We wanted to give an affordable alternative to protect your jewelry while maintaining the quality at the same time.  With our jewelry, we can ensure that you can wear our pieces with confidence.